Our Partners

Lepper Hand-made Leather Bicycle Seats - from Lepper of Holland

Lepper has been manufacturing leather bicycle saddles since 1897. These classic leather saddles, made by the expert craftsmen at Lepper, are world-renown. And the wide choice of makes and models ensures that there’s always a suitable saddle for you.

Improve your riding comfort and riding pleasure with one of their high-quality, handcrafted leather saddles. Every bike deserves a Lepper saddle.

BPeople Lightweight Leather Racing Saddles  - from Italy

Character. Passion. Creativity. Combining these elements lets BPeople capture feelings and focus on details in order to boost the emotions.

Handcrafted natural leather and carbon fiber saddles together achieve the ultimate objective: The creation of a new concept that, thanks to passion and character, reinvents design, with one main purpose - standing out with style.

Anatomically-designed Dual Action Bicycle Seat

Dual Action Seat started in 1990 as a boutique bicycle seat shop specializing in the design and manufacture of comfortable, anatomically-designed bicycle seats.

The anatomically-designed Dual Action Bicycle Seat is ideal for comfort, cruising, touring and stationary bikes. It features two movable and rotating seats that are uniquely designed to alleviate pain and numbness at pressure points in perineum and other the lower body areas. This one-of-a-kind bicycle seat is 100% manufactured in USA.

Learn how the Dual Action Seat makes bike riding a pleasure again.

Read our customer testimonials to see how the Dual Action Seat has helped them to continue riding without pain. 

Swiss Eye Sports Sunglasses. Imported from Germany

Swiss Eye was founded in Germany in 1998. They were one of the first companies to offer sports sunglasses with an antifog/antiscratch coating, along with hypoallergenic and shatterproof poly-carbonate lenses to meet the demands of outdoor sporting activities.

Their sports sunglasses are produced according to strict safety standards, and offer the highest optical quality (optical class 1) with 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection.